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To my daughter who said her “childhood was like mine”:


Your momma didn’t allow you to have friends?  You had 4 total “social” events in your entire childhood?

Your momma never helped you with homework?

Your momma never let you have a boyfriend?  Or hang out with boys at all?

Your mom called your fiancé to tell him lies hoping he’d break up with you?

Your momma put you with a babysitter who molested you for 5 years? And another babysitter who molested you for 2 years?

Your momma left you in the car while she fucked a man in a driveway or hotel room who wasn’t your dad or her husband?

Your mom asked you to lie to her husband for her?

Your momma left you alone in a hotel room when you were 7, scared, in the middle of the night, to fuck a man she was cheating on your step dad with?

Your momma couldn’t be bothered to let you be active in school events, like cheerleading or band or orchestra or Girl Scouts?

Your mom threatened to dye your hair when you were 4 because you were born blonde?

Your mom told you you “disgusted her” every time you cried as a child or as an adult?

Your mom beat you with a belt til you bled just for literally saying the words, “Mom, I don’t even know what I did wrong”?

Your mom never held your hand?  Or asked you what was going on in your life?

Your mom spanked or slapped you when you had a nightmare?

Your mom posted a page from your diary on the refrigerator for 6 months?

Your mom let you talk on the phone with your friends?

Your mom didn’t let you choose clothes you liked?

Your mom let you wear clothes that fit you?

Your mom didn’t defend you when you someone hurt your feelings or did you wrong?

Your mom didn’t play games with you at home as a child?

Your mom didn’t read to you?

Your mom never took you to do fun things? Or let you go with friends to do them?

Your mom refused to let you see your grandmother for 10 years because she didn’t like her?

Your mom didn’t cook for you?

Your mom didn’t do your laundry?

Your mom made you clean the entire house every day from the time you were 5?

Your mom yelled at you because your panties were dirty?

Your mom cheated on your dad? Then told you he cheated on her and beat her when you were 6?

Your mom slapped you in the face for buying .25 cent Cracker Jacks?

Your mom told you “Santa would be short this year” so she could have a 2 carat diamond?

Your mom told you you “deserved what you got” when you were in the hospital ICU paralyzed from a massive stroke at 26 years old?

Your mom tried to get you to lie and say your step-dad molested you because she was having sex with someone else’s husband?

Your mom told you when you had 2 little babies and were scared that didn’t know how you could manage to work and care for them from a wheelchair when you were fully disabled by a stroke that you’d just have to “find a way to manage”?

Your mom made fun of your handwriting?

Your mom told you to get on welfare when you literally had no food or money to buy food while you were pregnant?

Your mom bragged to you about all the clothes she had she could never wear while you cried because you only had one pair of pants to wear while pregnant?

Your mom paid for your sister to go to college while telling you to “fend for yourself”?

Your mom told you she couldn’t “afford for you to play  an instrument”?  While married to a wealthy man?

Your mom shamed you for every friend you liked as a child?

Your mom insulted every friend you made as a child?

Your mom grounded you from friends, television, phone, and school activities for 842 days because you played video games once in the 6th grade with a friend when she wasn’t home? Then told you you hadn’t been grounded for the final several months but she’d just “forgotten” to tell you you weren’t grounded anymore?

Your mom told you “well, you must like it” when a man beat you unconscious?

Your mom told you to “just give it a year” when a boy you dated threatened you with a gun?

You were too scared to tell your mom you were gang raped by three boys at 16 years old because you knew she would blame you?

Yeah…we had the exact same upbringing, my child.

You poor thing.