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Dear Maci,

I must have a zillion pictures of you and Savannah, yet I had to steal a photo from your old Myspace!  I’m sure I could find 100 on my Facebook if I cared to browse those memories…but I don’t. So, this stolen photo it is….

We moved in 2009 into that house on Roosevelt that we all loved so much.  I told Savannah she had the choice to keep schools or change.  She chose to change, You were Savannah’s first friend.  I remember the first day I met you…hoping you were a nice girl and not mean…praying you’d be a real friend to my daughter who’d had some mean girls at her former elementary school.

You were. You are an amazing human being!  You were a great friend to my daughter, I adored your funny, unique style..  I loved that you weren’t trying to be like everyone else in that awkward, insecure time of life.   I thought, this girl…this beautiful child… will see my daughter’s beauty and appreciate her spirit.  She’ll see the sun in my child that makes the other girls insecure….and she’ll love it…

And you did. You were the friend I’d prayed for for my child..the one who would encourage her individuality like I was trying to!

Who could have known she’d turn against me 3 years later? No one would have guessed that.

But you… YOU…among all those lies and false accusations, you are LITERALLY the only person among a million adults who knew better, only you who stood up for me or said, “huh? what are you talking about”?

And you were there almost daily for the 3 years prior.

I’m sure I wasn’t the perfect mom..but I was a good mom! And I loved my children!   You knew that even as they started their lies.

Thank you.

Thank you for being my daughter’s friend in those tough years and thank you for being a good human being.  I’m scared to love anyone anymore, but I love you like my own and I hope maybe my daughter learned a little about good people from you, if not from me.

You’re my hero….for a zillion reasons…


Momma DeDeaux