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What does any partially (in) sane erased Momma do on Hell Day #6?

She makes the best damn banana smoothies ever.. and pretends her amazing, beautiful children made them for her.

By the way, the secret is FOUR bananas , a splash of pineapple juice(I didn’t have any fresh pineapple to use), frozen vanilla yogurt and a splash of cream, fill blender with ice and blend. 

Yummy. Thank you, Lexi Lou and Savannah Banana! This is the best banana smoothie EVER! 

I can’t feel totally sorry for myself today on my 6th year straight of being entirely ignored and erased by the little people I grew and birthed out of my own body.  Every year for the past few Mother’s Days my Aunt sends me a dozen gorgeous fragrantly delicious red roses.

It’s a gesture so kind, I can only cry with gratitude every time I open the card and it says,
Happy Mother’s Day Love, Aunt Desi.

I try not to let the day get to me- after all, it’s a manufactured holiday-not like birthdays or major holidays, but it does get to me…still. Mostly in the memories. And it’s everywhere anyway: the television, social media pages, radio… It’s impossible to ignore. 
So I’m treating myself to the most delicious banana smoothies ever and sniffing my beautiful roses thinking how happy my children are without me and how much I would never want them to be anything but happy.