“How do you tell someone life is worth living when you can’t understand or fix their mental torture”?


So I already conceded I was going to cowardly leave my earthly life behind

and hope an eternity of flames isn’t awaiting me in the Afterlife

not that I believed in an Afterlife but nobody knew definitively

A long line of genetically passed on failures was ending with me

I can only assume failure was genetic since my grandparents’ alcohol addiction

Left a generation of my family struggling to keep their marbles polished

But their demons Ravaged their faculties until reality and fantasy were so intertwined It didn’t matter where or when or how the line began to diminish

Until it’s entire existence was consigned into oblivion

It left my mom struggling in her youth to keep her head above water drowning in abusive relationship after abusive relationship

Modeling what she had seen and hated as a kid

But we always become what we hate

Usually it’s because it’s what…

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