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I’m no one of any account. 

I birthed two children but I am not a momma.

I was born but I have no parents. 

I’m rich but I have no money.

I’m employed but I have no work.

I’ve given all I have but I’m selfish.

I’m a disgusting bitch if I stand up for myself but I’m a pathetic doormat who deserves what she gets if I don’t.

I’m a woman but I can’t have sex.

I tell the truth but I am a liar. 

I have a heart but I can’t love anymore.

I’m over 21 but I can’t drink.

I’m alive but I have no life.

I have a house but I don’t belong anywhere.

I’m a friend but I have no friends.

I have vocal cords but I can’t be heard.

I have skin, blood, and bones but I’m invisible.

I’m no one of any account.