This week on Facebook, I’ve gotten a few notices for “My Moments” from 6 years ago. 6 Years ago, I was escaping an abusive relationship with a malignant narcissist. When I look at those pictures, I am flooded with many memories of what my struggles were at that point in my life. “Struggles” is the […]

via Reflections on My 6 Years Post Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse — After Narcissistic Abuse

(Reblogging an article here isn’t how it used to be…  I apologize to the authors of the articles I attempt to reblog for my clumsy attempts to share your words.)

Several lines in this article really grabbed me, but this one in particular really punched truth in my face (bold and italics are mine)…

“My level of fear after ending the abusive relationship was directly related to the psychopathy of the person I let into my life. The narcissist that abused me, threatened my life and launched a legal smear campaign to defame me. All attempts I made to protect myself were met with disbelief and resistance because those who were in a position to defend me were manipulated and taken in by my abusers honed skills to  manipulate, lie and confuse.”