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I came into contact with an artist from Sweden who sketches such cool stuff. Her name is Lena Wennbo. After looking at her sketches, I adored her simplicity and thought my daughters would really like her stuff as well. I contacted her and requested she do a sketch for each of my daughters. I sent her a photo of each girl and told her to just sketch whatever she felt inspired to…

She named Lexi’s sketch “Royalty” and Savannah’s is called “Reaching”.  I found her insight from just looking at a photo very interesting.  I’ve always thought if Lexi were a color, she’d be the most beautiful blue and she’s a child who was born with a natural quiet sense of elegance and grace which I associate with royalty. Savannah’s implies her natural creativity and independent sense of self. Savannah has always danced to her own unique rhythm and creative flair.  I adore that about her!


“Royalty” for Lexi by Lena Wennbo


“Reaching” for Savannah by Lena Wennbo

I would like to print and professionally frame them as gifts for my daughters to keep forever in memory of me, but I no longer know where they live, so that’s impossible.  Since I received them in email format though, I can at least send them via email or have a friend email them for me to each of them.

I’m very excited about how she captured the essence of them so easily.  They are perfect!