It’s hard to overcome nostalgia and good memories that are gone forever!

I look around my daddy’s house at all I want to remodel and redecorate. It’s a weird fight. My overwhelming nostalgic sense craves to keep everything exactly the same. The deer print Marcella and Bill have him 3o some years ago should stay put precisely where my dad hung it, right?
In spite of the fact that even as a child I wondered why his dearest friends would get him something so far from his personality. Regardless, my dad valued the gift and the thought enough to proudly hang this print in his house…all three of his houses over the years actually. There was always a prominent place for this deer print.
And now, I struggle to take it down because it became part of my daddy’s environment and decor.  I still remember the day he first hung it and beamed with a grin saying “Marcella and Bill got that for me, baby”.
And I wanted to ask , why daddy? That’s not your style! He was so delighted though, that of course I didn’t ask such a heartless question.
Now, it hangs in my house right where he had it. I look at it and want to take it down, put it away, give it away… Can’t. Just can’t. The memory of that joyful grateful grin on his face hanging it, keeps it hanging right there .
At first, I couldn’t even get rid of dust bunnies that were “his”! Under beds and in corners, I’d find them and couldn’t disturb them. I’ve gotten past that part by now at least.
Now its the books, the prints, the carpets, the nicknacks, etc that I can’t move or take down
It’s been 3 and 1/2 years now. I’m grateful I finally let go of the dust bunnies. Wonder how long til I move forward for the rest?